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What keeps people from finding their passion?

I don’t know about you, but I was trained to follow instructions, be obedient and to never challenge adults.

To be an ‘excellent’ student I was taught to NEVER question my teachers.

I was always expected to meet a pre-established standard to become like the ‘perfect’ machine.

My performance was always tested and like a machine, anything under the standardized guidelines I was considered an ‘under performer.’

All my efforts were focused on following instructions and obeying grownups.

The price of NOT fitting-into these pre-set guidelines were painful; full of judgement and social pressures.

Meeting these benchmarks would ultimately impact my future opportunities such as eligibility for jobs or college.

Fitting-in, became a form of currency, it would open or close doors to my future.

This is the power of indoctrination:

- Most of us were told what to think, NOT how to think.

- Most of us were trained to follow, NOT how to lead.

Finding our passion demands FREEDOM!

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Now, for me, after years of this mental and emotional manipulation, finding my passion has been an arduous intellectual and emotional battle.

- I needed first to find freedom of judgment.

- I needed to find freedom of my need to fit-in socially in order to embrace my uniqueness.

- I needed to find freedom from my fears of failure.

- I needed freedom to own my thoughts, instead of searching for external validation.

So, how to find our passion?

Find freedom from indoctrination and passion will find you.


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